Boom Beach Cheats

We all hear these days about this new strategy game, everyone loves it. They even love it more than Clash of Clans. That’s because Boom Beach is the successor of Clash of Clans. Supercell, the creators of Boom Beach and CoC did this express. They wanted to improve Clash of Clans and bring the game to another level. Many people are playing Boom Beach now and every one of them think Supercell did a great job by improving the brother of this game (CoC).

Diamonds (resources)

The biggest problem people have is to obtain as much diamonds as they can. To achieve this they have to complete many achievements and defend their base against their enemies. If you can destroy many army troops of your enemies you will get the diamonds instead. Sometimes the diamonds will randomly show up on the map you are playing on as a resource you can get. The easiest way to obtain diamonds is to buy them in iTunes. By this way the creator of the game named Supercell earns millions dollars of money. In the game diamonds are the most important thing you can have, because they are used to buy other resources or to finish upgrades without having to use the other resources. Supercell is very commercial, that’s the main reason that there are many people on the web that are selling hacks of boom beach.


Players of Boom Beach

The biggest obstacle for the people who play Boom Beach is that it is not that simple to earn alot of diamonds through raids and finding them. They also do not want to lose much money on buying the diamonds. That is the primary reason that I am writing this article, because I have found the best way to earn tons of money by not losing any money. I have found this site on the internet where you can make as money diamonds as you want by using the Boom beach hacks they are giving you. You’ll only have to write your Boom beach name and they will do the rest. I also did it and now they have made the game much easier for me.

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